Cut Sheet

Thank you for your order! Following is our cut sheet.  If you are comfortable filling it out on your own that is great, if not we are happy to go over it with you on the phone. We always enjoy helping folks decide how they would like to have their beef cut and processed.    

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How thick do you like your steaks? (1" is the standard at a steakhouse)
Do you want Round Steaks?
Would you like a prime rib roast? (note the larger the prime rib, the less ribeye steaks)

If you answer 'No' to any of the following questions the cut you decline will be added into your hamburger grind.

Do you want to keep the Arm Roast?
Do you want to keep the Chuck Roast?
Do you want to keep the Rump Roast?
Do you want the ribs?
Do you want stew meat?
Do you want soup bones?
Do you want a brisket?
Do you want Flank Steak?
Do you want Skirt Steak?
Do you want dog bones?