Custom Shares


The Process

One unique feature that we offer that most producers do not is the opportunity to choose how things are cut and packaged.  For example you will have the opportunity to choose how thick you would like your steak cuts, how many pounds you would like your roasts to be, if you would like round steak, if you would like chuck steaks instead of all chuck roast, if you would like to sacrifice some of the tougher roast cuts such as the arm roast to have more ground beef.  

Any specific cut that you do not want left whole will be added to the grind and will produce more ground beef/hamburger.  You also get the opportunity to choose how much fat you would like added to your ground beef/hamburger.  Typically 85% lean is what people prefer, but we have had people request a 50/50 mix.  It is entirely up to you.  We are happy to assist you in your preferences according to what you prefer and typically cook. 

To summarize, this boils down to the fact that when pre-ordering with us, everything is 100% customizable to your liking.  We do all of the legwork and at the end, you get delivered with a complete order of beautifully packaged beef for your family’s enjoyment!


When it comes to purchasing beef they are available in quarter, half or whole orders.  This is based off the dressed/hanging weight of the cow after it is slaughtered.  Meaning a whole beef will be weighed after being slaughtered and dressed.  On average our animal’s hanging weight will run somewhere around 600 to 800 pounds, meaning a half will be around 300-400 pounds, and a quarter will be around 150-200 pounds. 

Again, these are hanging weights meaning after the entire carcass is dressed down, some of the hard fat, bones and non-edible byproducts are removed, the actual box weight will be less than the hanging weight.  However because we are charged when the animal is processed off of the entire hanging weight, we sell our beef accordingly.  It is the industry benchmark for how money changes hands with bulk beef.

Each share will be cut and processed according to your specifications and will include:

  • T-bones   • Ribeyes • Sirloin Steaks • Flat Iron Steaks • Top Round Steaks • Flank Steaks • Skirt Steaks • Brisket • Bottom Round/Cube Steaks • Short Ribs • Rump Roasts • Chuck Roasts • Arm Roasts • Stew Meat  • Packages of Burger – Package weight and fat content according to your specification • Heart, Liver, Tongue, Oxtail, and Bones available upon request.


Custom Shares Pricing



$5.90 per lb 
Estimated Weight: 150-200 lbs
Estimated Total: $885 – $1,180
Deposit: $300



$5.40 per lb 
Estimated Weight: 300-400 lbs
Estimated Total: $1,620- $2,160
Deposit: $400



$4.90 per lb 
Estimated Weight: 600-800 lbs
Estimated Total: $2,940- $3,920
Deposit: $500


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