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Bulk Pork

In a partnership with our dear friends that own a nearby ranch we are offering a very limited run of bulk pork this spring.  

This is going to be a first come first serve reservation process.  We anticipate this selling out very quickly. 



The deposit for half of a hog is $275, and for a whole it is $500.

If you place a deposit after we are sold out we will issue you a refund and move you to our cancellation list. **We have a very limited number of slots available. Your slot is reserved on a first come, first serve basis based on the date we receive the deposit**

The deposit is applied towards your total balance at the time of slaughter.


Your total will be determined at the time of slaughter. Price is based on the hanging weight of the animal as described below. Our pricing includes all cutting and wrapping costs and delivery to our delivery area. 

Half Hog

$7 per lb on the hanging weight

Average Hanging Weight:


Average Price Range:


Deposit: $275

Whole Hog.png

Whole Hog

$6.75 per lb on the hanging weight

Average Hanging Weight:


Average Price Range:


Deposit: $500

About the Pork

These high quality Heritage Breed pigs are ethically raised in Montana. 


The pork will be ready for delivery in mid April and mid June.  We will offer complimentary delivery to all of our normal delivery areas in Montana, Idaho and Washington

which include:


Montana: Missoula, Kalispell, Hamilton, Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Bozeman, Billings and surrounding areas

Idaho: Coeur D'alene, Post Falls, Rathdrum, Sandpoint, Idaho Falls, Rigby and surrounding areas

Washington: Spokane and surrounding areas 

*if you do not see your area listed please feel free to reach out to check on availability here 

Delivery will be coordinated with existing beef deliveries when the pork becomes available.  We offer complimentary delivery to a central meeting location in each area, home delivery may be available for very special circumstances at an additional charge.  

Reserve your pork now!
Would you like to reserve a half or whole hog?

Thank you! You will receive an automatic deposit confirmation immediately. This does not confirm your reservation, we will contact you within a week to let you know if you were able to reserve a spot and the approximate delivery time frame.

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