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Grass Fed, Grass Finished, Montana Raised

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About Us

Six Generations in Montana

Heart Bar K is owned and operated by Jordan and Amanda Knudsen located in the Frenchtown area West of Missoula, MT.
Our goal is to provide quality beef, education and create relationships with the people of Missoula and the surrounding valleys.  We enjoy sharing recipes, tips and tricks and we are pleased withof the product we produce.  We are proud to be raising the sixth generation of Montanans in our family.  
We are so grateful to run this business with the eyes of our beautiful children watching and their boots on the ground helping.  We are committed to creating something worthy of their observation and hope our customers benefit from it!

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Summer Grilling Special

4 Premium Steaks 

6 Packages of Pre-Made Burger Patties

Perfect to kick start your summer grilling game! Our pre-made burger patties are 1/3 lb and 90% lean, and come 6 to a package! Paired with some premium steaks and this bag is a perfect gift or to have in your own freezer!

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